A Quick Review Of The Best 40 inch Gaming TV In The Market


Avid gamers know the importance of having a good TV to boost the cinematic effects of their favorite onscreen pastimes. Since not all televisions are created to suit the interests of players, it’s appropriate that you do your research and only go for those that meet this need. Sony X8505 has continuously been rated as the best quality 40 inch led/lcd gaming TV in 2015.

Reasons why it’s popular

With a resolution capacity of 3840 x 2160 pixels, X8505 produces crystal clear images that will naturally accentuate the colors of your games. General lag time and transition between pictures has also been improved, meaning that your screen won’t keep on freezing at a single angle thus interfering with gameflow. The average response time is 40.1 milliseconds which translates to at last one frame set at 30FPS.

Design and ease of connection

This TV boasts of a rich construction all thanks to its ultra-thin black frame and a surrounding black bezel which helps in preventing direct sunlight from reflecting back into your eyes. At the rear edge is a total of 4 HDMI connections that lie 14 centimeters away from the television’s edge. HDMI II and III are specifically meant to boost resolution up to a maximum of 60 frames/sec.

The others are for video connections, though they can also double up as connection ports for wireless LAN. This feature is particularly important to those who prefer streaming their favorite games online, or playing with other gamers from far flung areas such as oversees.

To sum it all up, the television comes fitted with two pairs of remote controls that work in different ways. There’s the standard rectangular version and also a ��One Flick’ Smart controller, the latter has reduced numbers of controls but also speed navigation consoles and a touchpad system. This allows you to regulate screen effects without necessarily having to dial any buttons. Titular flicks are also good and especially intuitive when it comes to regulation of picture effects.

Other interesting features

The audio function has been redesigned to include a top-range speaker unit, Sony X8505 TV produces a dynamic sound quality that also carries a decent degree of stereo separation effects. Also available is the SWF-BR100 cordless subwoofer with USB dongle and audio wire system which connects directly to the television.

In terms of calibration, the apparatus has been optimized to deliver out-of-box greyscale performance with a rich Cinematic mode to match. The light sensor module has been ranked at 300cd/m2, which is just the perfect amount of radiance for your eyes. With all these amazing features, it’s now easy to understand why Sony X8505 is considered the best 40 inch gaming TV in the world. That aside, its pre-calibrated colors are excellent in shape and overall construction. Giving your images a unique 3D effect that cannot be simulated by other televisions in the same category.

This TV also has a comprehensive Menu setting that allows you to alter options in whichever way possible, as well as color graphic modulators which can be used to emphasize the colors that you want most to appear on screen. The best thing about this television is that it blends well with any type of game that one is playing, whether it’s XBox, Playstation IV or Sega.

How to choose the best gaming microphone


To make the most of the modern video games, it is necessary to have a quality microphone. Most often, the today’s games feature voice inputs which facilitate communication and control of characters and CPU units. Microphones boost the gaming experience by reducing the outside noise. And the gaming experience is further improved by the intimacy which comes with headphones. There are hundreds of gaming microphones available on the market. This means choosing a good microphone is not always easy to most people. Are you worried about how to choose a good gaming microphone? Well, worry no more because you’ll learn all it here. This guide will help you find a microphone that suits your individual needs and boosts your playing experience. So, how to find the ultimate quality PC mic for gamers in 2015?

Directionality is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a microphone for gaming. This describes the ability of a microphone to pick up sound from different directions. Under this property, microphones are categorized into omnidirectional, unidirectional and bidirectional. Ominidirectional microphones capture sound from all directions while unidirectional microphones capture sound from one direction. Bidirectional microphones capture sound from two opposite directions. Now, you can decide what kind of microphone you can go for. But the unidirectional microphones are the most recommended.

If you want to choose a good gaming microphone, you may have to consider microphone frequency response. This describes the way a microphone reacts to different frequencies. Some microphones respond to all frequencies which means there is some cases of frequency exaggeration or reduction. These microphones produce pure audio with minimal deviation and are called flat response microphones. However, the flat microphones are not always the best choice. The better option for these microphones is a customized frequency response. This type of microphone is tailored to respond to only the required frequencies. Flat response microphones are sometimes referred to as condenser while the customized response microphones as dynamic.

Impedance is another thing you have to consider when choosing a gaming microphone. This factor is often overlooked, but if you want to get high quality audio, you should pay attention to this factor. Microphone impedance is a measure of the opposition the device offers to an audio signal. It can be low, medium or high, with low impedance being the best. So, when choosing a good microphone, you should go for the one with low impedance, that is, 600Ω and below. Microphones with high impedance are usually cheap which attracts many people. If you want to get the best value for your money, you should go for the low impedance microphone.

One more thing to consider when choosing a good gaming microphone is handling noise. Microphones usually include diaphragms which convert vibrations or sound waves into electrical signals. This means unnecessary sound waves are converted into audio signals which come out as noise. But there are the high quality microphones which use methods like suspension or foam paddling to keep the vibrations away from the diaphragm. So, if you want to enjoy games with minimal disturbance, you should get the high quality microphones.